Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Man VS Woman

Happy couples are not polite to each other. They are real. They may argue, fight or disagree. They are not always kissing and hugging. Polite is, I wont say there is something wrong with us because i have given up.
You may say or do things that may upset your partner and if the relationship is real the connection will always be there alive and unique. The partner will always feel the warmth.

Writing about this reminded me of a must watch video for people who are married or in a relationship. I loved the concept of "Nothing Box".


  1. "About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment." - Josh Billings

  2. Its ok abhiya.. too long.. too many pauses.. sorry not a very big fan.. but the concept is true.. :)

  3. Most men always say " Why are women like this " & all women nag " All men are alike ".. But yet..mostly , most of them, spend the whole of their lives together.:)This is possible, only with Love.. :)
    Perhaps, its an intentional "Contradictory Comedies of Love" by the creator to keep life going on his planet :)

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  5. HAPPY COUPLES ARE NOT POLITE TO EACH OTHER? Not an acceptable statement by any strech of imagination! Words are a form of expression and they have long lasting profound impact on ones mind. I am not the one to stand by a feckless argument like this which says you get angry on someone because you love them or yet another ramification which says Where there is Love there is Hurt! Being Gentle and polite are almost synonymous to Love. people just dont remember what you did they often remember how you made them feel...It is indeed human to err and an unintentional hurt is never accounted for..and as far as you are unpleasant to your loved one to chastise it is laudable! But if being impolite or taking a relationship for granted is your innate ability then you are in for some serious trouble. So if you cannot keep a watch on your tone and tenor the next time you are speaking to your loved one.. very soon you will be written off as a man with a crass soul.